Human Rights

Everyone deserves protection from unlawful discrimination. In the Province of British Columbia, people are protected from discrimination in the areas of housing, services, membership in unions and associations, publications and employment, and such protection is conferred by the British Columbia Human Rights Code (the “Code”).



The Code lists the following as its purposes:

(a) to foster a society in British Columbia in which there are no impediments to full and free participation in the economic, social, political and cultural life of British Columbia;

(b) to promote a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and rights;

(c) to prevent discrimination prohibited by the Code;

(d) to identify and eliminate persistent patterns of inequality associated with discrimination prohibited by the Code; and

(e) to provide a means of redress for those persons who are discriminated against contrary to the Code.

Discrimination refers to poor treatment based on a personal characteristic like race, sex, etc. There are specific time limitations to make claims for discrimination and claims are made to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal

Employment Law

Subject to a few exceptions, employment in British Columbia is governed by the Employment Standards Act which states various provisions about payment of wages and other benefits, termination of employment, etc. Employment-related complaints are filed with the Employment Standards Tribunal and are subject to certain time limitations.

Our lawyers have knowledge, skills and experience to pursue or defend human rights and employment law claims. If you are served with a notice of a complaint or you intend to file a complaint, we can assist and represent you throughout the process.