Temporary Resident Visa-Visitor Visa

Every year thousands of people visit Canada for tourism, and to visit their families or friends. Unless you are a citizen of a country exempted from requirements of holding a temporary resident visa, you are required to make an application to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a visitor visa before entering Canada. Generally, IRCC considers the following factors to assess an application for a visit visa:

(i)         Purpose of Visit to Canada

(ii)        Financial Means to Travel to and from Canada

(iii)       Financial, Employment and Family ties to home country

(iv)       Previous travel history

(v)       Previous compliance with the Immigration laws

(vi)       Relationship with the person or entity applicant intends to visit

(vii)      Criminal background checks

(viii)     Medical admissibility

Super Visa

Super Visa is a policy-based program of the IRCC to allow Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents and their parents and grandparents to spend time together in Canada.  To qualify for the Super Visa, the sponsor must:

(i)         be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada

(ii)        meet low income cut off(LICO) according to the size of the family i.e. family size in Canada including the sponsor, his/her spouse and dependent family members, and the number of applicants of super visa

(iii)       secure a medical insurance policy coverage in the amount of $100,000.00 for the applicant(s)

(iv)       provide a written undertaking to support the applicant(s)

Note:   Super Visa Applicants are also required to meet all other requirements applicable to visitor visa applicants.

Temporary Resident Visa from Inside Canada

Study Permits and Work Permits are not travelling documents and do not allow you to enter Canada except you return directly from a visit only to the United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon. If you are an international student or a temporary foreign worker and intend to travel outside of Canada, you need to apply for a TRV to enter Canada. To apply for the TRV from within Canada, you may need the following documents:

(i)         Valid Passport

(ii)        Valid Study Permit or Work Permit

(iii)       Letter from Educational Institute confirming that you are a full-time student or a letter from your employer

(iv)       Recent pay stubs

Electronic Travel Authorization(ETA)

Applicants who are from Canadian visa-exempt countries are required to make an electronic application known as ETA prior to travelling to Canada. You can only travel to Canada if your ETA application is approved. Once approved, the ETA may be valid for several years.